Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Donate and Skate in ONE Magazine!

We were lucky enough to have an ad in the newest issue of ONE Magazine! #18 is a great read, and a good friend of ours Brian Freeman has a great spotlight in the issue. Go pick it up and check it out!

Bittercold Donations - February 2011

Donate and Skate was lucky enough to have some very generous donations at this years Bittercold Showdown in Detroit, MI. 

Jeff Turner of Pittsburgh, PA gave us a bag of shock absorbers, wheels, anti rockers, and all of his extra USD Carbon parts.

Jeff Koalda of Columbus, OH was EXTREMELY generous and gave us a massive duffle bag with donations. We received 2 pair of Razors Genesys, a pair of USD Classic Thrones, a pair of Rollerblade Alex Broskow 2's, a helmet, and lots of protective padding.

Jeff also gave us Razors frames, brand new 4x4 anti rockers, and some BHC wheels that we put on skates there were given to us by Josh Yarmesch. Now they're ready to be sent out and give to a new blader!