Friday, February 11, 2011

Donations - January 2011

We got our very first donations last month, and they were wonderful ones.

Josh Yarmesch of Conneaut, OH gave us 2 sets of complete boots. Razor Genesys (minus buckles) and some Remz.

Nate Hall of Rochester, NY gave us our very first donation. He gave us a large box consisting of parts for Remz, and both Razor Genesys and Razor SL models.

We thank you both for being so willing to support us from the start! Thanks so much guys.

Monday, February 7, 2011

First Donation Recipient - Sean Ribble

Donate and Skate finally had the pleasure of donating its first pair of skates yesterday. Sean Ribble of Elmira, NY is a young skater who really got into the sport this past summer at his local cement park. Unfortunately, he hasn't skated in months because of his wheels being locked up and not being able to roll. He also didn't have a buckle on his right skate along with his frames being torn up on multiple skates before his.

We had a pair of Remz OS3's that were Sean's size and in great condition. We put some black Ground Control FTL 2 frames on them with some Richie Eisler Undercover wheels with bearings that rolled, unlike his old wheels.

We went to a nearby parking garage to skate some painted curbs and a small up/downledge so Sean could try out his new blades. I asked him how they felt and he said "They're comfortable, I'm just not used to the V-Cut yet"

Sean got comfortable with them pretty quickly though. While I was only able to snap 2 soul photos of him, he was doing lots of other tricks in the OS3's. Sean was sliding out pretty far on some soul to switch ao porns, ao topporns, and ao acids. I'm excited to see Sean progress more this year now that he has some decent blades on his feet.

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