Thursday, April 28, 2011

Donate and Skate Texas Contest

The first ever Donate and Skate charitable rollerblading competition took place in Cedar Park, Texas on April 16th 2011 and was hosted by our Texas affiliate Kevin Little. Check out a full article over at Be-Mag, and an edit of the competition below!

Thanks to Kevin for all the hard work and all the sponsors that helped him out:
Rollerblade, Sic Apparel, Razors Skate, Ground Control frames, Trust MFG., Rec N Roll Skateshop, Jug Footwear, Remz skates, Valo Skates, Eisenberg's Skatepark, Intuition Skateshop, Eulogy Wheels, Create Originals Frames, ONE Magazine and Be-Mag Magazine.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Donations - April 2011

April is almost over, and Donate and Skate will be moving down south. We have A LOT of great things coming up the next few months! These are the last donations we recieved this month:

Rickayyy Seret of Portland, Oregon sent us an awesome "care package" that consisted of A LOT of great wheels and bearings, Ground Control Featherlite 1's, Fiziks, and even some shin guards. Some of the candy is missing from this photo because we had to eat some!

Drew Kenrick of Rochester, NY gave us a pair of Rollerblade TRS Downtown's and a pair of Razors Aragon 2 shells and Jug Liners.

Allen Thorogood of Rochester, NY gave us a pair of Razor Genesys shells and cuffs.

Brandon Cooklin of Elmira, NY gave us a pair of Valo Alex Broskows.

Thanks to everyone that has been donating, and thanks to those who plan to in the future. With all the parts donated to us recently we now have 7 pairs of complete skates ready to be sent out. Keep checking the site to see updates from the lucky skaters that receive them!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Donations - March and Early April 2011

March started out as a very slow month for us, but the last week of the month and the first month of April saw lots of great donations.

The infamous Charlie Hustles of Clearwater, FL sent us a package of liners, souls, and TONS of old school stickers.

Jake Mckerrow of Elmira, NY donated a pair of Ground Control Featherlite frames.

Connor Kenrick of Rochester, NY donated some BRAND NEW USD 2 piece souls, laces, and cuff bolts.

Dustin from Elmira, NY donated some Eulogy wheels.

Luke Lepkoske of Elmira, NY donated us his old Remz OS3's

Moses Davalos of Costa Mesa, CA sent us the biggest donation yet. He sent us almost brand new Remz HR 1.1's, almost brand new Ground Control and Fifty/50 frames, extra cuffs, buckles, and BRAND NEW M1 wheels. We can't thank you enough Moses. It means the world to us!

Thanks to all of these donations as well as parts that we have donated ourselves, we now have complete skates that we are able to send out to lucky skaters!