Saturday, May 14, 2011

Donation Recipient - Trey Kendrick

When we first moved to North Carolina, our buddy Casey told us about a young ripper named Trey. I got a chance to skate with Trey, and he really pushed himself and it was obvious rollerblading was something he truly enjoyed doing. I later found out that Trey wasn't able to skate due to a financial situation, so he wasn't able to buy parts to fix his broken skates or buy new ones. The next time we skated, I told Casey to bring Trey so he could get a pair of skates and keep shredding

Trey trying out the different size 10's and 10.5's we have.

He finally decided he wanted to try some Razors, and we even put in some brand new Jug Aragon 3 liners that we recently acquired.

We took Trey out filming with us, and he seemed pretty comfortable in his new skates. Comfortable enough to even skate a handicap rail in the rain and try tricks he hadn't done before. Check out this quick edit we made of Trey on his skates:

We most definitely will be taking Trey out and pushing him more. He has a lot of potential and it's always a great feeling keeping up and coming rippers on skates!