Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Donation Recipient - Tobi Fuchs

Once again, my good buddy Dillon Millsap brought to my attention someone in his crew that wanted to start skating again. Tobi had skated in the past, but it had been awhile since he had skated and wasn't able to purchase brand new skates to start blading again. Usually Donate and Skate does not give out parts, but when we were ready to donate skates to Tobi, someone had already gave him some Deshi Carbons, so we ended up giving him the Xsjado frames and Face wheels he would have gotten on his skates from us.

Tobi lacing up his Deshis.

 Checking out what the set up will look like.

Tobi's new setup.

Seeing if his Face wheels will roll in the frames.

Dillon drove Tobi around the parking lot a few times so that the 60mm Face wheels would wear down and roll in his new setup. Thankfully they did, and Tobi was digging his new skates.

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